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During our season I will send out “Colt Nation” emails to fans, parents, host families and team members. We have a huge list of fans and the emails keep them up on games, team members and everything going on with the Colts. Sign up by sending me your email address and we’ll keep you in the loop. No, we’re not corporate enough to sell your email information in case you’re worried… email me at [email protected]

Laramie Colts Baseball

During the season, our players will facebook and tweet game information for our fans to follow. Our facebook page is Laramie Colts Baseball Club (Look for the colts logo as a former volunteer still controls another facebook page). Our Twitter page is #LaramieColts…
Our season is 42-46 games long each summer but our season is only 7 weeks long. We average 7 games a week and play the first half of June in Denver because their weather is generally warmer and the last two weeks in Laramie because our summer are much nicer. We play 24 home games and three tournaments (see the schedule for details). Individual tickets are only $5 for adults and $3 for kids and seniors. We play all our home games at Cowboy Field at 24th and Willett. The games are exciting and the play is exceptional. Check our schedule and don’t miss our games this summer….
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